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Don’t put it in the trash.
Put it to good use.

The plastic used in milk jugs is one of the most desirable plastics
for recyclers.

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Milk jug

When you recycle milk jugs at home, there is infrastructure in place for companies like Envision to buy those milk jugs so we can recycle them into clean plastic that can be used again.”

— Roberto Fontanillas, Envision Plastics

HDPE plastic in general is good, because you can use it over and over with little degradation. Instead of consuming more plastic, Altium is recycling the same plastic up to seven times.”

— Michael Rodriguez, Altium

It's important to recycle the jugs so these plastics get a second life and don't end up in a landfill.”

— Casey Vaccarezza, Cal-Waste Recovery Systems

By recycling plastic milk jugs, you’re reducing the use of virgin plastics, saving energy, water, and other resources, creating jobs, and saving money.”

— Tim Dewey-Mattia, Napa Recycling & Waste Services

You may not think one little bottle will make a difference, but if you count your neighborhood and then the next neighborhood, block, and community – it adds up to a lot of plastic to keep out of our landfills.”

— Navid Rezaei, Epic Plastics

Not all plastic is created equal. Your HDPE plastic milk jug is a low carbon footprint way to deliver milk to your family. And it can be recycled back into milk jugs over and over again right here in California, substantially reducing the need to produce more plastic.”

— Mark Murray, Californians Against Waste

Your questions answered.

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Are milk jugs actually recyclable?

Yes. Milk jugs are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, commonly referred to as #2 plastic, which is one of the most widely accepted plastics in recycling programs.

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Don't they just end up in landfills?

No. High demand for HDPE makes milk jugs a valuable resource for recycling companies. And they're easy to sort, so companies can ensure HDPE is recycled properly, reducing waste going into landfills.

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What if it doesn't fit in my bin?

Don't have enough room in your recycle bin? Crush it! Who knew making a difference could feel so satisfying.

 Milk Jug half emtpy

About the Milk Jug

Thanks to the special material milk jugs are made of, they’re easy to recycle for consumers, more desirable for recyclers, and can be recycled into a variety of applications.

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Interviews with experts, partners and key players, highlighting the recycling process.

Pout it, Cap it, Bin it
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Recycling milk jugs is as easy as one, two, three. Learn how in this animated video.